iPAC 2019

The International Planning and Architecture Conclave (iPAC), an academic event hosted by Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon is a week-long carnival of exhibitions, installations, discussions, workshops and lectures. It will provide a forum for engaging with policy makers and scholars who shape the thinking and vision of government and other strategic agencies. The vision is to provide a common platform for architects, planners, policy makers as well as the wider community from Indian and International cities to share insights of effective policies, schemes and projects.

Third Eye

The theme for iPAC this year is The Third Eye - exploring ways of seeing, seeing beyond the physical, seeing with and through intuition. The Third Eye speaks of peripheral vision, or gut feeling, leading to a meta focus. Here is our field, where the creative blurs edges and forms, where focus doesn’t necessarily mean a sharper vision but a process that allows ‘seeing’ as the point of both. This is the beginning and end of all: a form of prayer, inner reflection leading to insights contested but steadied by an unquestioning faith in the life force. iPAC 2019, linking Architecture, Planning and Design disciplines, is structured to mirror the dance of this life-force through its cycle of creation/ preservation/ destruction. And rebirth!


  • 12 02 2019 ART & ARCHITECTURE
  • 13 02 2019 HEALING BY DESIGN
  • 14 02 2019 MAPPING | KEEPING
  • 16 02 2019 URBAN FUTURES
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We have over 40 Key Influencers of the Profession interacting with professionals and students through talks,
Panel Discussions, Conversations and Presentations.

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